Monday, February 9, 2009

I left without telling anyone. I needed more than this. Everyone was content to stay in this small town for the rest of their lives. I was not. I use to go down to nearby towns to follow Dad when he would do work for some people. I would ride in the front of his truck with him and he would show me some amazing sights. One time we went to this forest and 45 minutes in, there was a waterfall. Another day, we went to a peak of a mountain and the pine trees were endless. The world was huge. There's lots to see. Lots to see beyond my town. Don't get me wrong, I do love my town. My mum works at the cafe, I know everyone. I have a girlfriend, I have lots of friends. But I want more. I want to sit in a cafe in France and have a croissant. I want to go to Cuba and dance with a beautiful girl. I want to have my own business and own my own house. I want to go to Italy and have a pizza with an old man. I want to go to China and dance on the streets. I want everything. I want to see everything. i want to feel everything.